First brush out your horse's tail.  The tail does not need to be washed; I wash all the hair I receive before I start braiding.  Try not to use any conditioner or dangler before cutting the hair as this can make braiding difficult.  

Pick a long section of hair from the underside of the tail closer to the bottom of the bone.  Grasp the section of hair about 12-15" from the bottom of the tail bone, brush back the shorter hairs and cut or pull only the longer hairs.  Do this in 2-4 places until you have enough. Rubber band the hair and place it in an envelope to be mailed.  

The thicker you wish your bracelet to be, the more hair I will need.  Thin bracelets can be made from as little as 20-30 strands, while thick bracelets will need a bundle of hair about as big around as your thumb.  Too much hair is better than not enough so please send me as much as possible, but if you only have a limited amount of hair I can work with a very small amount.  If desired I can add hair from my stock in a similar or contrasting color to make your piece thicker. 

***Please include your name and contact information when you mail the hair***

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