Horsehair jewelry is generally very low maintenance, but if it needs to be cleaned it can be washed with water and mild shampoo.  Try to avoid getting the ends wet which can tarnish the metal.  To help a bracelet maintain its shape while drying, either place it around a small bottle or wear your bracelet while it dries. 

Horse tail hair is very durable and will last a long time if cared for properly.  If your jewelry gets tugged and the braid comes out of one of the end caps, the braid will NOT unravel.  Simply use a SMALL drop of super glue (or another fast drying glue intended to bond metal) to secure the braid in the end cap.  If in doubt you can always send the piece back to me to be repaired.

Sometimes strands in your jewelry will get caught and break, leaving a piece of hair sticking out that can be uncomfortable to wear.  Using nail clippers or small scissors, carefully cut the broken hair as close to the braid as possible.

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